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                                                                                    JANUARY 2017

 Vol.6 Issue 1

1. Blunted Sensibilities in Arun Joshi’s ‘The Strange Case of Billy Biswas’

Dr. Barkha, PDM University, India


2. Investigating the Careers of English Major Graduates

Dedy Setiawan, Bahtera Sembiring and Junita Kustiani, Indonesia


3. The Frequency of Macro/Micro Discourse Markers in Iranian EFL Learners’ Compositions

Ghasemali Azadi and Azizeh Chalak, Iran


4. Harper’s (2016) Online Etymology Dictionary (Etymonline): A Critical Review

Zaidan Ali Jassem, Saudi Arabia


5. Classroom Observation: Teacher’s Talk

Abdalmaujod A. Hardan, Iraq


6. The Effect of Live Teacher Pronunciation vs. Playback Pronunciation Practice on Pre-Intermediate Iranian EFL Learners’ Pronunciation Accuracy

Mobina Heydari and Majid Pourmohammadi (Corresponding author), Iran


7. Effectiveness of Cognitive Factors on Dyslexia and Speech Delay among

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Abdolnoor Khaleghi and Masoud PourmohammadIran


8.  Analysing Edna’s Character in Chopin’s novel The Awakening through

Sullivan’s Theory of Inter-personal Relations

Abdul Hameed Panhwar1 (Corresponding Author), Sanaullah Ansariand

Muhammad Hassan Khoso3, Pakistan


9. The Analysis of Students’ Engagement to Writing Feedback

Activities Viewed fromStudents’ Writing Anxiety

Annisa Astrid, Prof. Dr. Dwi Rukmini, Drs. Ahmad Sofwan, and Sri Wuli Fitriati, Indonesia


10. On the Pedagogical Implications of Critical Thinking Skills and EFL

Claudia Rodríguez Escobar, Chile


11. The Effect of Translators’ Religious Ideology on the Transmission of Religious Concepts in Film Dubbing: A Case Study of a Religious-Islamic Context

Elahe Toosheh, Iran


12. Investigating Dentistry Students’ Perceived Applicability of Equivalents of Dentistry Terms Proposed by the Academy of Persian Language and Literature: A Progressing Field of Interdisciplinary Research

Farzaneh Bahadori and Samad Mirza Suzani, Iran


13. An Analysis of Newspaper Reading Patterns Among the Youth

Dr. Jehangir Bharucha, India


14. The Comparative Effect of Unscripted and Scripted Role-Play on

EFL Learners’ Grammar Achievements

Mahboobeh Seif, Iran


15. Life Under Mask of Otherness: Tracing The Notion of Masquerade in The Passion of New Eve

Seyedeh Mahnaz MohafezIran


16. Assistive Technology in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Dr. Manssour Mohammed Habbash and Dr. Hanadi H Alqahtani, Saudi Arabia


17. Vocabulary Instruction Using Cognitive Psychology Principles

Dr. Yasira Waqar and Dr. Tahira Batool Bokhari, Pakistan


18. Motivate ESL Students’ Intrinsic Skill in the ESL Classrooms

Dr. T. Mekala and Ms. C. Divya, India


19. Translator’s Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Study of Translation

Marzieh Izadi, Iran


20. On the Relationships among Oral Error Correction Preferences and Dogmatism Level in Teachers, and Their Impacts on Iranian EFL Students’ Achievements

Marziye Zeraatkar, Iran


21. The Conversation Analysis of Iranian EFL Learners’ Interaction via Telegram Application

Masoumeh Rassouli and Reza Biria, Iran


22. Effects of Project-Based Learning Method to the Report-Writing Skills of Major in English Students

Rioliza B. Molina, Philippines 


23. Treatment of the Theme of Communication and Language in Frost’s Poetry with

Special  Reference to Home Burial and Mending Wall

Salma Naz and Prof. Dr. Asadullah Larik, Pakistan


24. The Effects of Writing Literary Response Paper on Different Aspects of

Students’ Attitudes toward Literature

Mohsen Masoomi and Shadi Zargar, Iran


25. A Study of Distinguishing Operative TQM Factor Monitoring of Program, Process and Performances in the Public Sector Universities of Pakistan

Tanzeela, Pakistan


26. The Effectiveness of Model, Lead, and Test Technique with Real Money Coins to Teach Differentiation and Counting to a 16-Year-Old High School Student with Multiple Disabilities

Brooke Hollowell, T. F.  McLaughlin and Kim Hatch, USA


27. An in Home Comparison of Di Flashcards and a Reading Racetrack Procedure on Mastery of Selected Sight Words with a Typically Developing Six-Year Old Child

Tina Rich, Jennifer Neyman, and T. F. McLaughlinUSA


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