ISSN 2278-4012

JULY 2023

Vol. 12 Issue 3

1. An Analysis of the Social Aspects of President Duterte’s Controversial Speeches

ElvieLyka L. Duran, Ph.D. Philippines     [FULL PAPER]

     2. Tool to Evaluate Developed Course Packs Utilizing Inquiry-Based Learning

Jean L. Bejano, Philippines  [FULL PAPER]

    3. Technostress of College Teachers in the Online Learning Environment

Joan Oyang-o Pucya, MAEd and Ramir Santos Austria, PhD, EdD. Philippines  [FULL PAPER]

4. Compliment Speech Act Responses of ESL Senior High School Students: Do They Matter?

Joanne Echalico- Bermillo and Joan Ciervo- Generoso, Philippines     [FULL PAPER]

5. Islandness in the Province: The Language of a Migrated Ivatan

Marbeth G. Aringay, Philippines       [FULL PAPER]

6. ModalEllipsis in Najdi Arabic

Raneem S. Alsaud, Saudi Arabia          [FULL PAPER]

7. Identifying Loan Words in Arabic: A Study Conducted with Native Speakers of Arabic

Raseel, K, Alturifi, Saudi Arabia          [FULL PAPER]

8. Investigation on the Effect of Popularizing of National Reading Activities in Literary Society Construction Process of Huai’an

Qin Yang and Yuyi Liu, China                  [FULL PAPER]

9. Students’ Evaluations on Textbooks at a Vietnamese University

Nguyen Thi Dan Tam, Vietnam               [FULL PAPER]

10. The Innovation of the Curriculum System of Environmental Engineering at Anhui Jianzhu University

Li Xiang, Jianshe Tang, and Silei Gao, China       [FULL PAPER]

      11.                               A Conjoint Analysis of Teachers’ Choice of a Graduate School

                                   Saturnino E. Dalagan Jr. and Dolores T. Mapayo, Philippines      [FULL PAPER]

    12.   On the Acquisition of Passive Voice Constructions in English: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Arabic-Speaking L2 Learners of English

                                     Radhyah Almutairi, Saudi Arabia              [FULL PAPER]

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