ISSN 2278-4012

JULY 2022

Vol.11, Issue 3


1. Book Review: Bok, D. (2020). Higher expectations: Can Colleges Teach Students What They Need to Know in the Twenty-first Century? Princeton University Press

Joseph B. Quinto, LPT, Ph.D. Philippines                                                   [FULL PAPER]


2. Pedagogical Efficacy of Tiered Tasks in Activating Cooperative Learning to Optimize Learners’ Heterogeneity in High School English Classrooms

Neda Karshenas, Dr. Reza Biria, and Dr. MahdiVaez dalili, Iran                [FULL PAPER]


3. Onomatopoeia: How Ibri College Students View it?

Haleema Tauseef and Younes Audeh, Oman                                               [FULL PAPER]


4. Orientation of Motivation Towards Language Learning:  A Study of Sindhi ESL Learners at Graduate Level

Akram Ali Phulpoto, Shahid Bashir and Muzafar Ali Kolachi, Pakistan    [FULL PAPER]


5. Professional Development, Instructional Supervision, and Competencies on Teachers’ Performance

Romeo A. Reambonanza, Jr.1,and Denis A. Tan2,  Philippines                  [FULL PAPER]


6. Online Learning Readiness and Mathematical Academic Performance

Jenald S. Fernandez1, Carmee Lyn B. Paylangco2Philippines                  [FULL PAPER]

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