ISSN 2278-4012

APRIL 2022

Vol.11, Issue 2


1. Identifying EFL Student Misbehaviour when Attending English Language Class

Alimin Adi Waloyo, Fitri Mangadikon, Suparto, Indonesia                                             [FULL PAPER]


2. Televised English Cartoons in the Speaking Skills of Seventh-graders

Cupid Jones O. Risonar and Josephine O. Oted, Philippines                                      [FULL PAPER]


3. Do Pre-Reading Vocabulary Studies Have an Effect on Experiencing Flow in EFL Contexts?

Feray ÖZKILINÇ and Mustafa ŞEVİK, Turkey                                                                  [FULL PAPER]


4. Diachronic Analysis of The Arabian Nights                                                                      [FULL PAPER]

Asma Aldukhayil, U.S.A. 


5. Student Mathematics Performance and Problem-Solving Skills in an Experiential Learning Environment                                                                                                                         [FULL PAPER]

Rosalie W. Ambasa and Denis A. Tan Ph.D. Philippines


6.Linguistic Analysis of Retranslation of Some Verses of the Holy Qur’an

Dr. Fatima Elnaeem Mohamed and Suaad Talaat Al-Ajamy, Saudi Arabia                    [FULL PAPER]


7. Assessment of Purposeful and Considerate Meaning of Advertisements                        [FULL PAPER] 

Irin Sultana, Saudi Arabia


8.A Portrait of Hugo Claus as a Young Artist: The Critical Review on the Sorrow of Belgium

Saba Sarwar, Saudi Arabia                                                                                                [FULL PAPER]


9. Students Algebraic Performance: Virtual and Non-Virtual Approach                               [FULL PAPER]

Vincent A. Sasi and Gilbert B. Guita, Philippines


10. A Pragmatic Analysis of Selected Prayer Points in Dr. Daniel Olukoya’s Prayer Battle Part 1

Udoetuk, Charles Ubong, Nigeria                                                                                     [FULL PAPER]


11.The Effect of Socio-Affective Strategies Training in Peer Review on the Revision Ability 

of Iranian EFL Learners                                                                                                       [FULL PAPER]

Zahra Dehini and Behdokht Mall-Amiri, Iran


12.An Investigation of Pirandello’s “Six Characters in Search of an Author”: A Feminist Perspective

Muhammad Ali Shahid, Iqra Rauf, Ayesha Yousaf and Muntazir Ahmad Malik, Pakistan


13. Ecolinguistic Analysis of Environmental Signs

Kristine Marie B. Narcida and Rowena V. Sosas, Philippines                                      [FULL PAPER]


14.How Students at Ibri College in Oman Evaluate the Criteria Followed in Writing Scientific Research?

Majid Al-Zeedi, Aafra Al Zaidi, Ms. Amal Al Lamky andYounes Audeh, Oman            [FULL PAPER] 

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