ISSN 2278-4012

October 2021

Vol.10 Issue 4


1. Investigating the Place of English as a Language of Instruction among Culturally-diverse Students in Higher Education

Adrian V. Protacio, Ph.D. Philippines                                                         [FULL PAPER]


2. Unfolding the Role of Social Media Platforms in Creative Writing

Daisy L. Dagohoy, Philippines                                                                    [FULL PAPER]


3. Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding Student Evaluations of Teaching

Maryam Alhussan, Saudi Arabia                                                                  [FULL PAPER]


4. Applying Corpora in Developing Knowledge of Business English Terminology in Business English Classrooms

Nguyen Thu Hang, Viet Nam                                                                        [FULL PAPER] 


5. Strategies for improving students’ awareness of plagiarism

Nguyen Thi Dan Tam, Viet Nam                                                                   [FULL PAPER]


6. Introducing Creative and Critical Thinking in ESL Classrooms

Irin Sultana, Saudi Arabia                                                                             [FULL PAPER] 


7. Speech Acts in Millennials’ Election-Related Posts and Tweets: A Sociopragmatic Analysis

Danica N. Marcelo, Philippines                                                                     [FULL PAPER]


8. The Power of Rhetoric: How Well are Students at the Department of English–Ibri College- Aware of the Effectiveness of Rhetoric in their Writing?

Mohammad Al Ghafri, Ms. Amal AL-Lamky and Younes Audeh, Oman    [FULL PAPER]


9. Theta Roles and Arabic-English Translation

Wasmiah M. Alsuhaim, Saudi Arabia                                                            [FULL PAPER]


10. Iranian EFL Teachers’ Reflection and Resilience as a Predictor of Teachers Burn Out: A Structural Equating Model

Narges Seidi, Iran                                                                                           [FULL PAPER]


11. Common Error Analysis of the Grade Six Pupils’ Essays in English

Vicente J. Leuterio, Jr. and Trixie E. Cubillas, Philippines                         [FULL PAPER]


12. Tenth Graders` Implementations of Textual Meaning in Writing English Compositions from Their English Language Teachers` Point of View

Prof. Jihad Al- Shuaibi and Alaa Saleh, Jordan                                            [FULL PAPER]


13. Multicultural Awareness among Primary School English Teachers in Malaysia: A Pilot Study

Noor Fazzrienee Bt JZ Nun RamlanNurul Munirah Bt Azamri and Nadiah Binti Zubbir, Malaysia



14. Psychological Pressures among Female Fish Peddlers

Shirley D. Frigillano, Ph.D. Philippines                                                          [FULL PAPER]


15.  Globalization and Travel in Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist: A Poscolonial Reading

Alaa’ Kayed Abu-Rumman, Jordan                                                                 [FULL PAPER]

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