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Vol. 13 Issue 2

April 2024 Vol. 13 Issue 2 1.Teachers’ Assessment of the Modular Worktext for Grade One Learners in the New Normal of Education Jocelyn P. Mandado1,2, Necel R. Mahilom1,3, and Marites A. Bolo1,4, Philippines          [Complete Paper] 2. Mentors and Mentees: Who Assists the Other?                  …

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Vol 12 Issue 4

OCTOBER 2023 Vol. 12, Issue 4 1.The Influence of Online Teaching on the Transformation of College Classroom Teaching ZhengWei, Ramir S. Austria, Philippines  [FULL PAPER] 2. Literature on Screen: The Asian Graphic Novels and Films Adaptation Mou Bingying, PhD student, Philippines       [FULL PAPER] 3. Adaptability Quotient: Challenges in Keeping Quality Education in the …

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Vol. 12 Issue 3

JULY 2023 Vol. 12 Issue 3 1. An Analysis of the Social Aspects of President Duterte’s Controversial Speeches ElvieLyka L. Duran, Ph.D. Philippines     [FULL PAPER]      2. Tool to Evaluate Developed Course Packs Utilizing Inquiry-Based Learning Jean L. Bejano, Philippines  [FULL PAPER]     3. Technostress of College Teachers in the Online Learning Environment …

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Vol.12 Issue 2

April 2023 Vol.12 Issue 2 1. Is Writing Block a Myth: What Possible Strategies Required to Beat it? Nasra Al Ghafri1, Afra AL Hatmi2, Hilal AL Shandoudi3 and Younes Audeh4, Oman      FULL PAPER             2. The Role of Social Media in Teaching English   John Bathula1, Younes Audeh2, …

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Vol.12 Issue 1

JANUARY 2023 Vol. 12, Issue 1 1.The Grammaticalization of Buh in Qassimi Arabic David Knott, Ed.D., UAE FULL PAPER 2. Manifestation of Cultural Components of Inner, Outer and Expanding Circles of English Language in EFL Textbooks: A Study of ‘CrescentEnglish Course’ for Yemen Dr. Hussein Ali Habtoor, Yemen FULL PAPER 3.Who Scores Higher: Male or …

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Vol.11, Issue 4

October 2022 Vol. 11, Issue 4 1.New Faculty Orientation as Teacher Education: What Do Teachers in New Positions Need Most? David Knott, Ed.D., UAE FULL PAPER 2.Linguistic Exaptation in Arabic Monirah Almarzoqi, Saudi Arabia FULL PAPER 3.The Sonority Sequencing Principle in Qassimi Arabic: An Optimality Theoretical Framework. Aseel Al Aboudi, Saudi Arabia FULL PAPER 4. …

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Vol.11, Issue 3

JULY 2022 Vol.11, Issue 3   1. Book Review: Bok, D. (2020). Higher expectations: Can Colleges Teach Students What They Need to Know in the Twenty-first Century? Princeton University Press Joseph B. Quinto, LPT, Ph.D. Philippines                                                …

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Vol.11, Issue 2

APRIL 2022 Vol.11, Issue 2   1. Identifying EFL Student Misbehaviour when Attending English Language Class Alimin Adi Waloyo, Fitri Mangadikon, Suparto, Indonesia                                             [FULL PAPER]   2. Televised English Cartoons in the Speaking Skills of Seventh-graders Cupid …

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Vol.11 Issue 1

JANUARY 2022 Vol.11 Issue 1   1. English for Tourism Purposes (ETP): Development of Authentic Assessment in Improving the Speaking Skills of Tourism Vocational High School Suparmi1, Afnesha Noveriana Chang2, Indonesia                                     [FULL PAPER]   2. Adaptive Storytelling as a …

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